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  1. In situations where the CPU is ancient or low-end and the GPU is much newer or better. This is where overclocking makes a huge difference. You can expect performance gains of up to 50% in some rare cases. Most of the time, it will be around 20-30% more FPS
  2. Overclocking is often thought of in the context of a CPU or GPU, but you can also overclock RAM to boost memory speeds and performance of your PC. See how it's done. Overclock with Intel® Performance Maximizer. Learn how to automate your overclock with Intel® Performance Maximizer,.
  3. You can overclock to achieve higher clock speeds, which in turn, allows your processor to complete more instructions each second. Overclocking typically involves the primary processor, though you..

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  1. Overclocking does increase the temperature and stress on your GPU, but don't worry — its failsafe mechanisms will kick in before it bursts into flames. The worst that can happen is crashes, freezes, or black-screens. If that happens, go back to that drawing board and lower the clock a bit
  2. Moderately overclocking your CPU and GPU is a great way to get the most out of your PC and take more advantage from the cash spent. The above-mentioned software will let you overclock your GPU and CPU and also adjust many other settings like fan speed, voltage, and shader, etc
  3. The ULTIMATE Guide to Overclocking your GPU in 2020, Fast, Free and Easy ️ tutorial to maximize performance on GTX / RTX or RX gpusLets try for 5000+ ! Fo..
  4. GPU-Z is another lightweight and free to use tool to overclock your GPU. It is developed and published by the creators of CPU-Z. It also has a clean and easily understandable user interface. You will learn everything just at the first glance
  5. The CPU can't be overclocked. The GPU can be overclocked. You can use a 3rd party software like MSI afterburner or use the 'overclock' profile in predator sense. Always post the following characterisitcs of the device: -Model number. -Part number (not required, but helpful) -CPU. -GPU

Before you start overclocking your GPU, you will need to install two programs on your computer: CPU-Z and NVIDIA Inspector. The first one is designed to monitor graphics card performance and the second one in case you have Nvidia GeForce graphics card acts as an overclocking tool If you want to boost your CPU speed and fancy increasing the component clock , I bet you have landed at the right place! If you are feeling your PC is slower and getting weaker day by day then sit back because we recommend you some best overclocking (Window 7,8, and 10) software along with their benefits that speeds up your CPU, GPU or even RAM This is NOT CPU/GPU core clocking and won't have any effect on the cores whatsoever, only data throughput. I'll stand by my word coming from HTC to Xiaomi, both snapdragon phones, you can't overclock a snapdragon because they're not underclocked. It has been that way for a long time

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GPUs found to be fully functional can be unlocked successfully, although it is not possible to be sure that there are undiscovered faults; in the worst case the card may become permanently unusable. History. Overclocked processors first became commercially available in 1983, when AMD sold an overclocked version of the Intel 8088 CPU Essentially, overclocking a GPU increases its performance by boosting the speed that the graphical processor works at. All GPUs are set to run at a certain speed, called the base clock, but different cards usually have the potential to surpass the speed set by the manufacturer Overclocking Your GPU Step 1: Setting A Standard For Settings. At first, you have to test the performance of your device by using standard... Step 2: Overclocking The Chip. In the series of overlocking, the first step is to overlock the chip of the GPU. Remember... Step 3: Overclocking The Memory.. 20 Overclocking Software for CPU, GPU and RAM. Presenting you the list of the best software which serves you with the feature to manage all your overclock rate of your PC. They also help you to make control your CPU, RAM & GPU. Choose the best software according to your system requirements. MSI Afterburner GPU-Z is focused more on your Graphics Card related information such as memory clocks and GPU clocks, temperature, size and more, everything you need to know regarding GPU and overclocking. CPU-Z and GPU-Z are compatible with NVIDIA, AMD, Intel GPU, and ATI Graphic Cards. You can get these free tools over here. 6. CPU Tweaker and MemSe

The UI is simple and hassle-free. 2. Aida64 Extreme (CPU, RAM, GPU, Storage, Paid) Aida64 Extreme is a more realistic stress test that will push your machine all around ( CPU, RAM, GPU, storage, etc .) and comparatively lighter on hardware against other stress tests. It is like an all in one for those who want everything in one tightly-knit. I want to know if is there a way to UNLOCK a new CPU or GPU for my notebook. I have an HP PAVILION DV7-7004SL, with 8GB RAM , intel core i5-2450M , nVidia GT 630M, 17`inch display. If i make overclock, i have any chances to unlock something ? Maybe a low version of i7 ? *And about the beats subwoofe.. You don't have to overclock your CPU in order to overclock your GPU. The should part depends on you, if you have the time, go for it! İf you want to get started wirh overclocking i recommend you start with your GPU since it's less like you damage your GPU with the use of MSİ Afterburner (the best and most recommended GPU overclocking program) and it's easier compared to CPU overclocking from. Steps To Overclock A Samsung Galaxy Smartphone CPU Or GPU. 1. First Root Your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone. So in order to proceed first you need to root your device. There are more than 300 methods available for various Samsung Galaxy Smartphone at SamsungSFour.com. Please find few example links below

The 5 Best CPU Overclocking Software to Boost Performance 1. MSI Afterburner. MSI Afterburner is free software that lets you overclock both CPUs and GPUs. Along with a detailed... 2. Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel XTU). This is a Windows-based CPU overclocking software from Intel, mainly for.... Description. Graphics Processing Unit (or GPU) overclocking menu for certain types of CPU and GPU (contact your distributor or supplier to see if this is applicable to your model). Overclocking the GPU involves running your graphics processor at a faster speed than originally intended. GPU overclocking is useful when undertaking intensive. An overclocked GPU can help yield smoother activity and produce better illustrations considerably more dependably. You can discover the List of Best Overclocking Software for CPU, GPU, or even RAM to expand execution. We have secured 11 Best GPU overclocking software for CPU, GPU, and RAM

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  1. Unlike CPU bottleneck, there are fewer fixes for GPU bottleneck, such as lower graphics settings, overclock GPU and RAM, as well as upgrade GPU. Yet, getting a GPU bottle is somehow better than getting a processor bottleneck, for you won't see a glitching or stuttering monitor
  2. 1x 120mm Rad = entry/mid level single component. CPU or GPU. 2x 120mm. Any single component including high end CPU or GPU. 3x 120mm. Same again better noise levels. 1x 140mm any single component. 2x 140mm any single component. OC'ed with okay noise levels. 3x 140mm CPU and GPU. No OC. Anything after 3x 120/140 is good enough for CPU and GPU.
  3. With Overclocking you can save that money because it doesn't cost any expensive hardware to overclock your computer. You can get a cheap CPU or GPU and overclock it to perform like a higher-end CPU or GPU. Cons Of Overclocking Your CPU/GPU. Although overclocking looks extremely beneficial it comes with a hefty price
  4. overclocking oculus quest cpu and gpu and lenses. Close. 2. Posted by 9 months ago. Archived. overclocking oculus quest cpu and gpu and lenses. oculus quest is an android vr device its actually capable of 90hz but toned down to 72hz for battery reasons do anyone know how to overclock all of that? 7 comments. share. save

Overclocking guide: overclock your CPU, graphics card and RAM. Though computers continue to get more and more powerful, there's usually even more performance that can be squeezed out of them by. Overclocking Intel processors used to be a very Time Spy Advanced which allows you to search by CPU and GPU shows a handful of 9600K that evidently won the silicon and probably the. How to overclock your CPU, GPU and RAM? CPU Overclocking. The CPU has a front side bus speed. It is the speed at which all the components motherboard run. The... RAM Overclocking. When you are overclocking the RAM you need to provide extra voltage, but there is a limit to how much... GPU (Graphics.

Overclocking Your CPU. That was pretty easy, right? Now that you know how to overlock a graphics card, why stop there? Kick your CPU into high gear for a free performance boost. Overclocking your CPU isn't quite as easy as your GPU, but learning how to do so is well worth it CPU/GPU frequency and governor :warning: The commands in this section only affects to the product with S905X3 and S922X. CPU The min/max CPU freque.. How to Overclock Raspberry Pi 3. If you take a look at the configuration file, you will discover the default setting for your board. Even if these config files are txt files we recommend you to use Sublime Text Editor. Now, somewhere in the config.txt file, you will find these lines: core_freq=250 arm_freq=600 Overclocking a GPU is an easy tweak to get some extra performance out of your PC. While it can be dangerous, it's also safe if you take some precautions. If you're interested in getting extra power out of your PC, you might want to overclock your GPU. There are many different ways you can overclock a GPU I have an Acer predator PH315-51 ( gtx1050ti ver.388.73 and intel core i5-8300H , my Bios version is V1.19 ) .When I play PUBG mobile , the game was running at low quality and 1080p resolution but the FPS was 38-40 fps :((( so I want to try to overclock the CPU and GPU for better performance

Best Overclocking Software for CPU, GPU, and RAM: 1. MSI Afterburner. Undoubtedly, the most reliable & recognized CPU overclocking software that lets you control your graphics card as a whole. The most amazing thing is that it's completely free to use and you can also use it with any of the brands' graphic cards Overclocking is the process of setting a higher maximum speed for computer components. We can adjust the settings in config.txt to overclock both the CPU and GPU (graphics processing unit). We've experimented with speeds up to 2.147GHz for the CPU and 750MHz for the GPU (up from its 500MHz default) Intel CPU Overclocking Software is a famous method to help its presentation and set it up for CPU-requesting exercises like gaming. Before you begin overclocking, it's ideal to check if your framework can deal with the warmth by testing it with specific software CPUs can support much larger memory capacities than even the best GPUs can today for complex models or deep learning applications (e.g., 2D image detection). The combination of CPU and GPU, along with sufficient RAM, offers a great testbed for deep learning and AI. Decades of Leadership in CPU Development Overclocking the GPU on its own yielded poor results, while a CPU OC delivered far greater improvements to frame-rate. Combining the two - unsurprisingly - nigh on locks us to the target 60fps.

This opens a menu through which we can undervolt our CPU. 5. First click on OK - Save voltages immediately. 6. Click on Unlock Adjustable Voltage and undervolt the CPU core, CPU Cache and Intel GPU by -100mV initially using Offset Voltage slider and hit apply. 7. If your laptop crashes at -100mV, you need to try with -80mV Overclocking a CPU is the process of increasing the clock speed that the CPU operates at. Overclocking has traditionally been the domain of gamers and computer hardware geeks, but hardware manufacturers have made the process much simpler..

The overclocking program tunes performance for AMD computer components. All AMD GPU and CPU multipliers are active by default. Therefore, users of AMD PC parts can utilize the program to fine-tune AMD GPU, CPU, and memory performance. The utility supports up to four distinct profiles to personalize performance for different apps Overclocking Results. So from our test setup, we tested one each of the CPUs at both 'stock' and our 'max overclock' setting, combining the peak CPU, DRAM, and graphics frequency all into one.

MSI Afterburner is the world's most recognized and widely used graphics card overclocking utility. It provides detailed overview of your hardware and comes with some additional features like customizing fan profiles, benchmarking and video recording CPU vs GPU. Architecturally, the CPU is composed of just a few cores with lots of cache memory that can handle a few software threads at a time. In contrast, a GPU is composed of hundreds of cores that can handle thousands of threads simultaneously. GPUs deliver the once-esoteric technology of parallel computing In the example above, we went from 3.6 GHz to 4.6 GHz — quite an achievement! So that's what overclocking does. Besides your CPU, you can also overclock your GPU. Why should I overclock my CPU? If you want more performance, be it for gaming, rendering, coding, or simply for your day-to-day tasks, you can try to achieve a higher core clock CPU & GPU Overclocking Guide By Sami Maekinen . 2 Introduction Sami Maekinen's Overclocking Notes These notes cover the topic of overclocking and will present several techniques to increase overall system performance by overclocking the CPU, system memory and graphics processor. Although the basic procedure isn't exactly rocket science,. There's definitely overclocking potential, I managed to get 2 GHz on CPU and 1 GHz on GPU (5V 8A power supply and using a fan) which appears stable for now. Attached kernel patch I used. Was able to squeeze a bit more: 2.2 GHz on CPU and 1.15 GHz on GPU (remove the txt from attachments). Use at your own risk

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  1. The cooler a CPU or GPU runs, the higher an overclock it can handle. Therefore, turning the GPU fan speed down will make the card more unstable, not less. Fixing it should be simple enough, if you're able to boot into Windows. Boot into windows, open the program, and reset the core slider in any overclocking program
  2. Overclocking can be possible for the GPU, CPU as well as RAM but in this article, I'll only go through GPU Overclocking. Proper overclocking of the GPU can seriously increase your GPU performance and you'll get much better FPS while playing games and quicker results while running 3D rendering, photo editing, and video editing softwares
  3. Repeat step 1,2 and 3 for every possible cpu clock you see in android tuner/stweaks. Note the stable cpu voltage for every clock, once you finish testing all your clock values save it as a profile and/or set it on boot. Voila !!! now you have finished overclocking/ under voting your device. Notes: 1
  4. g. How to Overclock CPU AMD. AMD CPU overclocking can be realized by using AMD Ryzen Master, which is a tool developed by AMD for the Ryzen processors. With this tool, you can: Check the current running status of the Ryzen CPU
  5. While we'll be focusing on the A10-7870K for this guide, these same basic overclocking techniques can be used for most modern AMD CPUs. Only the voltages and iGPU data change per the features of.
  6. Lost GPU and GPU Memory Overclock in Armoury crate [GU502GU. I had some issues with my laptop regarding armoury crate, so after a reset it fixed, the CPU stats which werent showing previously started to work, but now I still don't have my GPU overclock and Memory offset options. Is there a way to get them back
  7. I installed the Overclock_extreme branch and the gpu seems to be clocking up to ~1.2ghz pretty easily and consistently. The cpu doesn't rise above 2ghz(though it seems stable) which has me puzzled. I glanced through and compared what I cloned to the Overclock_extreme branch and it matched so I'm pretty sure I'm compiling the correct version

Final temps: After CPU undervolt and GPU undervolt + OC, temps are at least 10 degrees C less, at mid to high 60s. At 22 degrees C ambient, temps stabilise at 66-68 degrees, while at 26 degrees C ambient temps are 69-70 degrees. In gaming, surprisingly, CPU temps are about 1-2 degrees higher than GPU temps PC components like Central Processing Units (CPUs) and GPUs operate at a clock speed after overclocking. Intentionally, Clock speed is the number of cycles that it can execute in a second. The higher the clock cycle, the higher the number of instructions the GPU or CPU can perform in a second Learning how to overclock the CPU and GPU safely used to be a task reserved for only those techies who live and breathe static. In 2020, however, overclocking is pretty straightforward. It might seem daunting at first, but advancements in technology have allowed for higher-level and more user-friendly overclocking experiences, making for a beginner-friendly process

In general, overclocking the CPU is done in the BIOS. When you boot up your computer, there's gonna be a screen saying press F2/F12/Del or some kind of button on your keyboard to access the BIOS. But beware, depending on your hard drive's speed an.. However, do note that GPUs don't overclock as drastically as CPUs do and are much more sensitive to even small boosts, so be careful with it! Replace Your GPU - Yeah,. In this guide, we've given you a rundown on 11 of the best tools to use to stress test your CPU, RAM, and GPU. I f you've just built your computer, overclocked any of your components, or you are having problems with an aging system, stress testing your PC will give you a good idea of whether or not your computer is stable and, if it isn't, where the problem might be coming from Best CPU-GPU Combo for 1080p 144hz Competitive Gaming. Intel Core i5-9600K. EVGA RTX 2060 KO. Updated for 2021. Ryzen 5 5600X. AMD RX 6800. Best CPU-GPU Combo for 1440p 60hz Gaming. Ryzen 5 3600. EVGA RTX 2060 KO GPU options 1. devices Optional paramter. These are the graphics cards that will be used by the miner. If you do not want to launch the miner on all available GPUs but only on some of them, their numbers can be provided in the devices parameter separated by a comma or space. nanominer numbers the GPUs starting from zero in ascending order of their PCI addresses

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The GPU built into the i5-5250U, the HD 6000, likes to put undue stress on the poor CPU. The NUC has a power limiter to keep it within the 15-20W TDP, so when the power-hungry brute of a GPU takes over, it starves the CPU, restricting its clock speed in the process. This puts the GPU in a predicament; the faster it runs, the slower the CPU Overclocking allows you to basically get 'free' value from your hardware, potentially letting the CPU last longer before it needs an upgrade, as well as just generally increasing performance in high demand applications like gaming and video editing. A good, successful overclock can grant as much as a 20% performance increase or more, as.

Overclocking your gpu is fine, doesn't matter if it's mini, just watch temps. Any fan speed is fine, 100% if you want, it won't hurt it. Without knowing a lot more about your config I can't advise you on the CPU overclock, if your temps are fine and voltages in safe ranges then feel free to try to push it a bit further, you won't damage the hardware but you will run into stability issues when. CPU Overclocking. User could use this tool to overclock the Intel CPU speed. This tool needs specific driver for specific device, so user must use the company's notebook product. This tool does not support in Windows 10 S Top Graphics Card Overclocking Softwares for Nvidia GeForce and AMD Radeon Graphics Cards. These GPU Overclocking Tools are Free to Download and Use. You can easily overclock your graphics card for better performance using these graphics card overclocking tools. Other than overclocking, you can also tweak different settings using these utilities for graphics cards Kinda same question for cpu overclocking. is there any way to tell if a board will let me overclock the cpu? Or is it only dependend on the cpu? Here avoid the DFL or Mortoni Mobo Only the K series on Intel LGA 1151 are unlocked and can be overclocked, all AMD AM4 CPU are OC able. Here again, in case of doubt, freebuild is your friend

It's quite reasonable that you'd want to know how much your GPU's performance can actually improve if you decide to overclock it.. The answer to this isn't as simple as we'd like it to be. It largely depends on how much you're willing to push your GPU.Other key components are having a good PSU and proper cooling in place in order to maintain the stability of the GPU, because. Here's an example. Cortex (CTXC) was bringing $4.17 per GPU (1080Ti) on August 13-15, 2020, two weeks later - less than $1.8 a day, and on August 30-31 it rose to $3.31 a day per GPU. Mining is a source of passive income for most miners, so they usually don't switch from one coin to another on a daily basis If you want a software which can help you overclock your CPU, GPU, and RAM, then you should take a look at the EVGA Precision X by EVGA. This is the best GPU overclocking software that is the go-to place for every gaming enthusiast to resolve gaming performance issues. This software has a pretty modern user interface which is easy to use as well Want to improve the performance of your windows PC, then use these best overclocking software that work directly on CPU, GPU and on RAM. I have listed 10 free application that works on Windows 10, 8 and 7

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CPU-Z and GPU-Z. If you want to know about the detail report of GPU, Processor and Motherboard, CPU-Z and GPU-Z will be a great overclocking software. This is considered one of the best overclocking software. For better CPU performance, analyzing the system change is its main feature. The file size of the overclocking software is `1,855 KB. 6 Unlike Intel, which only allows overclocking on certain chips, all AMD Ryzen processors are overclock-ready—as are most of the motherboards, so gathering your hardware should be pretty easy However you can overclock your CPU for faster rendering for multimedia files and faster game running performance. In computing, overclocking increases the clock rate of a computer to exceed that set by the GPU manufacturer. Overclocking a GPU often yields improvement in computer performance, usually reflected in game performance BSOD after overclocking gpu and changing cpu settings. I have recently been experiencing 100% cpu spikes in Battlefield 4, and all of my cores are unparked. I use perfoverlay.drawgraph 1 , to get the game to show the bottleneck and hardware activity. and the cpu kept spiking and making the game lag for 1-3 seconds each time CPU/GPU Mining. NiceHash allows you to earn Bitcoin when you provide idle computing power of your CPU or GPU. To start selling your idle computing power you must use one of the following mining programs

2,136. Trophy Points: 331. It is possible to upgrade the CPU although with throttling issues that occur with no OC at all and new line of Acer notebooks being rolled out I'd skip over 4830TG and give the newcomers a look. downloads, Mar 13, 2012 By increasing the frequencies of the GPU and the frame buffer memory on your graphics card, you can make them process and move more data, more quickly, increasing overall performance. How to Overclock Max Overclocking the CPU and the GPU: You can overclock the CPU and the GPU of your Raspberry Pi 4 to at max 2147 MHz and 750 MHz respectively. To do that, you also need to increase the CPU/GPU core voltage. Otherwise, your Raspberry Pi 4 won't boot. The CPU/GPU core voltage can be increased or decreased with the configuration option over. I'm in the process of creating a personal monitoring program for system performance, and I'm having issues figuring out how C# retrieves CPU and GPU Temperature information. I already have the program retrieve the CPU Load and Frequency information(as well as various other things) through PerformanceCounter, but I haven't been able to find the Instance, Object,and Counter variables for CPU temp

How to overclock your graphics card PC Game

Overclocking the small amount available on mobile platforms is only a difference of 1C at most, because there just isn't any extra voltage given. You're probably fine up to 87C. Ultimately though, all you can do is repaste the CPU and GPU if you want to directly improve GPU temps The tables have CPU and GPU benchmarks listed separately. Below we outline the difference between a World Record and a Global First Place. To protect the value of a genuine overclocking World Record - the fastest, best, overall benchmark result - we establish a clear and unambiguous set of communication guidelines relating to any benchmark result submission at HWBOT The biggest issue with overclocking is the reduction in a component's lifespan. You can overclock a CPU, GPU, motherboard or RAM, but sending increased volts gradually damages these components. [ June 4, 2021 ] Alphacool Announced Eisblock Aurora GPX RTX 3080 Ti GPU Waterblock Cooling [ June 4, 2021 ] Phanteks Announces White Glacier One 360MPH AIO CPU Cooler Cooling [ May 26, 2021 ] Gigabyte Reveals AMD Ryzen Powered Gaming Laptops Gaming [ May 25, 2021 ] Gigabyte Released AORUS Gen4 7000s Prem M.2 2TB SSD News [ May 24, 2021 ] Antec Launches NeoEco Platinum Series Power Supplies New This is tricky, and it will depend on your current settings. If you're running a 3.5 GHz processor, the CPU ratio multiplier will likely be 35. You'll want to adjust this multiplier higher to be able to overclock the processor. In this case, try and overclock the CPU to 3.8 GHz by changing the multiplier to 38

GPU-Z, despite its similar name, wasn't developed by CPUID—the folks who brought you CPU-Z—and has no connection to them. It is a small program dedicated to displaying extremely useful. Some rules of thumb to start Raspberry Pi overclocking: If overclocking the CPU ( arm_freq ), start at the original speed and take it up in steps of 50MHz. If overclocking the GPU ( core_freq or gpu_freq ), start at 500 (or 400 for Pi 1) and take them up in steps of 20MHz or 25MHz Our example overclock uses a standard Ryzen 5 2600 desktop CPU, but this can also work with Ryzen desktop APUs that have integrated GPUs. In fact, Ryzen Master can even let you overclock your integrated GPU, but that's an adventure for another time CPU-Z (by TechPowerup!) does much the same thing for your GPU. You can get a precise, detailed readout of all your GPU specs, along with real-time output of all the card sensors. It's a great diagnostic tool and, like CPU-Z, a good first stop before you actually touch anything on the GPU in terms of settings G733QM Armoury Crate Application missing CPU/GPU Adv. Settings in Manual Mode. Hello together, I have reinstalled my Asus ROG Scar 17 2021 G733QM Model with a fresh Windows Copy, before doing so with preinstalled Asus Windows Installation I had the Options in manual Mode available in Armoury Crate to Set CPU TDP and GPU Clock as shown in this.

GPU and CPU power connections Overclock

Like overclocking, underclocking of a GPU should be taken seriously and done with caution. As such, follow this guide at your own risk. Underclock a GPU. The easiest way to underclock a GPU is to use a GUI tool. We recommend using MSI Afterburner since it works with both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs. Download and install MSI Afterburner Because overclocking was becoming a problem from some unscrupulous dealers who were overclocking lower-rated processors and selling them as higher-priced processors, the manufacturers started to implement hardware locks to make overclocking more difficult. The most common method is through clock locking Real Temp. Real Temp is a temperature monitoring program designed for all Intel single Core, Dual Core, Quad Core and Core i7 processors. Each core on these processors has a digital thermal sensor (DTS) that reports temperature data relative to TJMax which is the safe maximum operating core temperature for the CPU AMD Socket FM2 Processor OC Guide How to overclock an AMD A10-5800K, A10-5700, Athlon II X4 750K, etc. CPU and APU The introduction If you like to get a faster PC, or like to save some money when you purchase a new PC without renouncing to play current games, or just having fun to overclock, you can overclock your PC with this new AMD overclocking guide Overclocking. We weren't expecting jaw-dropping overclocking from the Ryzen 5 3400G but it still showed how capable the Zen 2 architecture is, pushing 4.3 GHz across the four cores with 3600 MHz DDR4. When overclocking our system we were able to achieve a stable 1650MHz GPU clock speed on the Ryzen 5 3400G's integrated Radeon Vega graphics card

How To Overclock Your GPU The Safest Way: The AllAMD Ryzen 5 1600 AF CPU Review & Benchmarks: Best CPUCase Labs SM8 Water Cooled Build Log 3 - Bench Test KitUna CPU Intel de 4ª gen rinde más que un AMD Ryzen 7 2700
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